Modern and easy programming of machine controls with logi.CAD 3 Engineering Platform and Spider Control I4.0 Integration Suite 

Ismaning, October 26, 2021 - Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), expands its PiXtend® product range by supporting the engineering software logi.CAD 3 from the company logi.cals and the Spider Control I4.0 Integration Suite from iniNet.

With Pi-Tron and PiXtend®, the advantages of the Raspberry Pi can be combined with the engineering platform logi.CAD 3 from logi.cals. Sophisticated control applications for industrial automation solutions can be programmed according to the IEC 61131-3 industry standard in the ST, FBD, LD and SFC programming languages. State-of-the-art source code management systems and code review systems are supported, and it is possible to connect to issue tracking systems. The existing team framework ensures efficient development and management of extensive PLC projects with globally active teams.

The Spider Control I4.0 Integration Suite from iniNet offers new possibilities for the simple connection of IT applications at the automation level. This is a software package pre-installed on PiXtend® with a low-code tool for developing solutions for the integration of operational technology (OT) into information technology (IT). The I4.0 Integration Suite can be programmed like a PLC with the corresponding visualization and is able to communicate with IT interfaces such as MQTT, REST and SQL, as well as with the cloud. Modern scripting languages such as NodeJS, Python, PHP and C#, as well as their libraries, can be used. The SpiderPLC starts and monitors script engines such as NodeJS and Python, so that custom scripts can be integrated and called via a function module.

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